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The PS2 Repair Guide


With the Professional Playstation Repair Guide you'll learn to clean the PS2 laser, fix CD/DVD reading errors go into diagnostic mode, fix clicking/squeeking sounds, adjust voltage and much more.

There is no need to be a engineer to fix a PlayStation because with this new guide even the most complex problems will be fixed with ease because of the easy steps and directions laid out in this repair guide.


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About to sell my ps2

Hello guys! I was so tired and bored of my ps2 and the games I had that I was about to sell it or give it to one of my friends, when I saw your website. Your tricks really work and have made my old games almost look new again! They have grabbed all my attention again!


Amy Barrymore, Bel Air, MD (USA)



Have not found this anywhere else!

You are truly worth the money! I found so many tricks and cheat codes I was amazed!
All the games I had were listed! Keep up the good work guys! Thank you!


Sarah, Kingston, Ontario (CANADA)



University Professor

The content offered is so user friendly and easy to handle! As you can imagine, I am not exactly a PS2 fan, or a console gamer at all, but my little boy is. Everything was so easily explained that even I coud do it! Now I have to be careful because my son can sit in front of the PS2 all day!


Ronald Weems, (NEW ZEALAND)



Fun and Interesting

You can't imagina what a great time I am having with my ps2 lately. All these games that I just never looked back because I could not go past a certain point are now at the top of the list. Your tricks have showed me how to go beyond my level and it is a totally different story!


Beverly Strikland, Sydney (AUSTRALIA)



The PS2 Repair Gide

I have found your repair guide at another site, priced at $19.95. You give it for free. You know what, my PlayStation 2 was broken and I purchased your product just because it had what I was looking for. I managed to repair my Ps2 and am using your codes to cheat on the games I already was about to give away! What a great product you have! Thank you!


Mike Lanasa, Washington DC (USA)


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